Friday, April 8, 2011

Flash Friday (From the future!!!)

He watched her moving unaware through the trees beneath him.  She was with friends, and the sounds of their voices carried through the cool night air.  His fingers clenched around the branch upon which he perched, claws tearing through the thin bark like paper.  It was this girl.  It had to be.  He could feel her in his mind.
            Closing his eyes he tasted the air.  Something was different about this night.  For longer than he could remember he had been waiting, moving about this small and primitive planet.  At first it had been curious, amusing.  Then it had become boring.  He had stirred up conflicts to pass the time, hunted on occasion.  They had never told him what it was that he was waiting for, why he was watching.  It had been frustrating, humiliating.  That one of the great Death Captains could be exiled to nothing more than a Watcher on this distant rock made his skin vibrate with anger. 
            Opening his eyes again he focused a golden gaze on the slender form that walked away from him.  He knew that the soft orange glow intended to light the orchard of her small school was not enough to reveal his presence, a dark shadow in a darker night.  For now he would let her walk away, safe in her ignorance.  He smiled slowly.  Perhaps he would toy with her before he sent back communication that he had found what they had been seeking.  Maybe he could even discover what she was, and why she was so important.  Then he would have something to bargain with. 
            His spirits lifted, and his claws hungered for blood.


  1. Eeeeeeeeeyikes!!!!!

  2. Ooh, ooh, I know, I know! It's Shini! <3 But wait...why would Lily have friends...

    Either way, nice little short. It makes a good introduction to a mysterious, dark character. I like that this is a rather distant third...makes it creepier. My only criticism is " Perhaps he would toy with her before he sent back communication that he had found what they had been seeking" <--this sentence has four verbs. It's a little much to contain all at once.

    I do really love the idea of him trying to get info on his own and use it to bargain himself out of exile. At least, that's what I'm assuming he's doing. :D

    Nice piece!

  3. Oooh, nice! You definitely got my attention there! Great hook, and I like how you use the lighting to set the mood.

  4. Flash..? Pssh! I scoff at your FLICKER Friday!!

    Give me MOAR!!! ;)

  5. @ Scribe - She has friends becuase it's actually a flash of when I first splorked Shini... and Sammy was hanging out in the St Andy courtyard with some of our other friends.

    @ Raven - Muwhahahaha, I taunt you with my flicker! *cough*